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Published papers and conference abstracts


High-frequency oscillations and sequence generation in two-population models of hippocampal region CA1 , PLOS Computational Biology (with R.-M. Memmesheimer)


Non-additive activity modulation during a decision making task involving tactic selection , Cognitive Neurodynamics (with Y. Matsuzaka, H. Mushiake, G. Northoff and A. Longtin)


From Single Neurons to Behavior in the Jellyfish Aurelia aurita , eLife (F. Pallasdies, S. Goedeke, W. Braun and R.-M. Memmesheimer)

Interspike interval correlations in networks of inhibitory integrate-and-fire neurons , Phys. Rev. E (with A. Longtin)


Evolution of moments and correlations in nonrenewal escape-time processes , Phys. Rev. E (with R. Thul and A. Longtin)

Sign changes as a universal concept in first-passage-time calculations, Phys. Rev. E (with R. Thul)


Characterising non-renewal stochastic dynamics by an iterated first-passage time approach, Front. Neuroinform. Conference Abstract: Neuroinformatics 2016. (with A. Longtin)


First-passage times in integrate-and-fire neurons with stochastic thresholds, Phys. Rev. E (with P. C. Matthews and R. Thul)



Global dynamics of oscillator populations under common noise Europhysics Letters (with A. Pikovsky, M. A. Matias and P. Colet)

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